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Beading and flanging machines : Manual / Motor driven 50-63

The beading and flanging machines SM and SME 50-63 are light-weight,  transportable machines and are available with manual or a motor driven drive. The manual infeed of the upper roll offers not only a sensitive operation of the workpiece but also the processing of complex forms. The adjustable and hardened stop plate offers additional forming alternatives and improves the repeatability of repeating workpieces.
The lateral mounted roller support is the ideal repository for storing up to 9 pairs of rolls safe and clean. Optional, for all machine sizes, a sub frame is available, which provides a safe stand of the machine.
The motor driven machines (SME) are driven by a infinitely varaiable foot switch. By a selector switch you are able to chose two different speed ranges.


SM 50 SME 50 SM 63 SME 63

Distance between center of the rolls [mm]

50 mm 50 mm 63 mm 63 mm
Infeed [mm] 200 mm 200 mm 250 mm 250 mm
Sheet thickness* 1,25 mm 1,25 mm 1,75 mm 1,75 mm
* The sheet thickness refers to the material with a tensile strength of about 400N/mm² and an elastic limit of 250 N/mm²!

Product Information

Manual / Motor driven 50-63
Beading and flanging machines

Manual / Motor driven 50-63

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Beading and Flanging Machine SME 50-63

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