Beading and flanging machines : Motor driven SME 50/P-125/P

The beading and flanging machines SME 50/P-125/P are used for professional working in trade and industry. The motor driven drive is single step, two step or infinitely variable by a foot switch with a safety control. The infeed of the upper roll happens manual or motor driven by a SPS control, during the manual infeed by the foot switch. The machines will be delivered with a parallel infeed of the upper roll.
As a special equipment you can get, amongst other things, a tube arresteror tube guidance devices, both adjustable by motor.
The operation happens, depending on the functional range of the control, by a simple window typewriter or a modern touchscreen.
The motor driven machines (SME) are driven by a infinitely varaiable foot switch. By a selector switch you are able to chose two different speed ranges.
Example sizes SME 50/P-125/P          
50/P 63/P 80/P 100/P  125/P 
Roller distance [mm] 50 63 80 100 125
Throat [mm] 200 250 550 500 500
Sheet thickness* [mm] 1,25 1,75 2 2,5 3,5
* The sheet thickness refers to the material with a tensile strength of about 400N/mm² and an elastic limit of 250 N/mm²!

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Motor driven SME 50/P-125/P
Beading and flanging machines

Motor driven SME 50/P-125/P

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Beading and Flanging Machine SME 63-125

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