Flap Scraper

The the flap scraper with lateral wings (PKSF) is our proven and over the years more and more developed standadrd scraper for a clean stall. The flap scraper can be on the walkway as well as  in the outdoor yard and ensures a very high level of cleanliness of the different substrates.
• Sturdy, galvanized version handles large amounts of solid- and liquid manure
• Level control on the center part for an optimal adaptation to the walkway
• Working width up to 12 m
• Cleaning plates open in return automatically
• Operation on different walkway surfaces: concrete, mastic asphalt, rubber floor, finished floor plates 
• Differences in the walkway width can be compensated by lateral wings
• The cleaning plates can be delivered with rubber or plastic ledges on request
• The scraper in the waiting area in front of the milking parlor can be equipped with a driving gate and controlled by the milking parlor
• Scrapers type PKS (without lateral wings) are made to measure
Scraper type Walkway width (cm) Height (cm) Material U-guidance
PKSF up to 1200 20 steel, galvanized with/without

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Flap Scraper

Flap Scraper

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