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Round Bending Machines : Rounding machine сonical


 The round bending machine (RK) is our high-end product in the field of conical manufacturing. Accuracy and speed, these features of the RK combines and therefore fits in any modern tube manufacturing. The modern SPS are able to store programs and also to communicate with other systems.


The RK is designed in a two-roll design. The rolls are positioned by a stepless maindrive and sheet pressing. Control panel is with SPS-control and touch screen for setup- and automatic sequence. Program memory for 200 programs with up to 30 bending steps. Password protection for data, parameters and service.


The upper roll are made of high strength and hardened material and can be grinded on customers demand. The machine has a polyurethan downroll in seperated discs to controll the rim speed of the cone.





Usable length



Partangle in °



Sheet thickness(400 N/mm²)

0,4mm - 2,0mm

0,4mm -1,5mm




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Rounding machine сonical
Round Bending Machines

Rounding machine сonical

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