Electronic Controls

Our controls are used to switch over and off the drive winches. You have the option to choose from two types of programs, either standard operation (forward-backward) or slatted floor operation (only one direction). Furthermore the controls have a learning program for the switching behavior of the drives, a connection for software updates, as well as an adjustable frost program. It is also possible to adjust a motor protection on the device for different engines. By the simple menu navigation and parameter settings on the illuminated display, the controls are very user-friendly. The positioning of the scraper on the walkway after the cleaning can be set individually. For each control you will get system information and a service program. If tere are errors on the control you will be alerted by a visual and acoustic signal output.
ESB 200
-manual- or automatic operation of the control
-automatic start by internal time switch with 20 starting times a day, mains failure safe
-automatic start when there is frost
-connection possibilities for additional external operation buttons
ESC 200
- manual- or automatic operation of the control
- big graphic display
- control up to 5 drive units by one expansion module
- single drive of the alleys, parallel or one after the other
- switch off of single drive units
- up to 20 starting times for each drive unit
- connectable distance button for each drive unit
- starting impulse for cross canal transport or other systems
- switch over or off of the scraper also without stop
- obstacle detection and tactical- operation during the forward and backward move
- automatic start when there is frost
- switch off of the frost program for single drive units
One drive unit consists out of two single drive units or one double drive unit. One drive unit can consist out of one walkway, a double system out of two walkways!
ESC 300
- flexible operation of the control from all over the stall by a wireless remote 
- automatic porgramming of all parameters of the control by a learning program
- function "teaching" - individual learning of the scraper drive by control buttons on the remote 
- animal- and obstacle detection, several driving trials adjustable
- individual control and operation of up to  6 driving units (max. 12 alleys)
- frost protection mode with self-adjusting, temperature depending interval operation
- improved overvoltage- and short-circuit protection 
- automatic adaption of the switch off current during voltage fluctuations in the mans supply by      photovoltaics or wind energy plants
- connectability for mechanical or electronical end switches at the end of the walkway 
- signal output for info- or error messages and external control
- data protection, logging of the scraper moves and update by SD-card
- fast, low-cost expansion of the sstem by a modular design
In addition, we also offer customer-specific control solutions depending on the type of barn.
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Electronic Controls

Electronic Controls

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