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Sheet Metal Working Machines - Used and New Machines



Experienced machines at a special price


We are renewing our Open House and making place for new demonstration machines.

The present exhibition equipment we offer for sale. So you have the possibility to acquire as good as new machines at special prices and without delivery time.

Currently for sale:


Mashine type, year of construction (YOC)

pdf- technical data sheet

RM 100/128, YOC 2010

RM 60/103, YOC 2014

RME 42-60/53 with forming segments, YOC 2014

RME 85/203, YOC 2017


RME 60/53, YOC 2014


RME 70/103, YOC 2015

SME 63/2P, YOC 2017


KSE 10/10,YOC 2018



Durst HBM 100



Prices only on request.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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