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Conical Rounding Machine RZK

   The RZK is our high-end product in the field of conical manufacturing.

Accuracy and speed, these features the RZK combines and therefore fits in any modern cone manufacturing. The modern SPS are able to store programs and also to communicate with other systems.

The RZK is designed in four-roll design. The rolls are positioned by a stepless maindrive and sheet pressing. Control panel is with SPS-control and touch screen for setup- and automatic sequence.
  • program memory
  • grinded upper- and bending roll on request
  • upper roll out of polyurethane
Further informations, special accessories and features only on inquiry.
We await your message and looking forward hearing from you!

Product Information

Conical Rounding Machine RZK
Automatical Rounding Machines

Conical Rounding Machine RZK

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