Drive winches : Rope Tension-Single Drive Winch

All our driving winches are characterized by a compact and sturdy design. A winch consists out of a drive, a drum and a sturdy frame.
The drive power is optimally determined for each stall and is at 0,55 kW (equivalent to 600 kg. tensile strength), 0,75 kW (1,000 kg tensile force) or 0,9 kW (1,400 kg tensile force).
A drive unit includes two single drive winches which cab be used as a single system (drives are each mounted at the end of the walkway) or as a double system (both drives are mounted at one end of the walkway). For single systems you can use
• two equally strong winches or
• a strong winch forward move and a less strong to for the backward move.
The operating speed is ca. 4 m/min. This speed has been found as it is particularly animal friendly and efficient.
In the manufacturing of our winches we place great emphasis on low maintenance and low-wear design and durable manure resistant materials. All steel parts are highly galvanized therefore.  A special feature is the drum of the drive winch  EW 5 out of stainless steel. This drum is also provided with a profile to ensure an optimal run of the rope. The drive winch EW 6 has got an optional coiling device to coil the large rope length clean and durable on the drum.
Drive Motor capacity Walkway (m) Walkway (m) Drum -Ø 
(kW)  (single system) (double system) (mm) 
EW 4 0,55 max. 60 max. 40 200
0,75 max. 80 max. 60 200
0,9 max. 120 max. 90 250
EW 5 0,55 max. 60 max. 40 500
0,75 max. 80 max. 60 500
EW 6 0,75 max. 150 max. 130 640

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 Rope Tension-Single Drive Winch
Drive winches

Rope Tension-Single Drive Winch

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