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Three rolls manual

The wide range of manual rolls of the RM ranges from very small and light, with the roll diameter of 20 mm and the length of just over 200 mm, up to the great with a roll diameter of 100 mm and a length of up to 2 meters. The rolls are arranged asymmetrically.
Standard features:
• Swing out of the top roll to the front by a quick fastener
• Quick-adjustment of the lower roll
• Snail-adjustment of the rear roll by a mech. display
Special equipment
• Seam in the upper roll
• Wire core groove
• Special rolls (hardened, coated, sanded, rubberized)
• Lateral stop to round conical
• Support plate with lateral stop
Example sizes RM 20-100

Model RM 20 RM 30 RM 42 RM 52
Effective length max [mm] 330 530 1030 1030
Sheet thickness* max [mm] 0,5 0,6 0,6 1,2
Diameter upper rolls [mm] 20 30 42 52

Model RM 60 RM 70 RM 85 RM 100
Effective length max [mm] 1530 2030 2030 2030
Sheet thickness* max [mm] 0,8 0,8 1,2 1,8
Diameter upper rolls [mm] 60 70 85 100
 * The sheet thickness refers to a material with a tensile strenght of  400 N/mm² and an elastic limit of 250 N/mm²!      

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Three rolls manual
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Three rolls manual

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three roller manual