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Round Bending Machines : Four rolls Standard

The round bending machine (RBA) is our high-end product in the field of tube manufacturing. Accuracy and speed, these features the RBA combines and therefore fits in any modern tube manufacturing. Whether manual loading and unloading or complete integration in a fully automatic tube production line, both scenarios can be covered by the RBA. By the modern SPS not only programs can be stored but also communication with other systems can be built.
The RBA is in a four-roll design. The rolls are positioned by a infinitely variable motor. The motors are doing the feeding, bending angle and angular deflection plate. Bearing cap and lateral stop for the pre-bending are pneumatically actuated. Control panel with SPS-control and touch screen for setup- and automatic sequence. Program memory for 200 programs with up to 30 bending steps. Password protection for data, parameters and service.
Bending rolls are are out of high strength material and can be hardened and ground on customers demand. Also the cut of the finished tubes can be automated by pneumatic setting.
Features in the summary:
• Four roll design with high-strength rolls
• Roll positioning motor driven, infinitely variable
• Motor driven adjustment of sheet thickness
• Sheet metal stop and bearing cap pneumatically controlled
• SPS-control of the machine with touch-screen control
• Program memory for 200 programs (30 steps/program), power failure, with password protection
• Individual program settings for various tube profiles
• Compact and service-friendly design of the machine
Example sizes RBA 42-120        
Model RBA 42 RBA 52 RBA 60 RBA 70
Effective length max [mm] 530 1030 1030 1030
Sheet thickness* max [mm] 1 1,5 1,5 1,8
Diameter upper roll [mm] 42 52 60 70
Model RBA 85 RBA 100 RBA 120  
Effective length max [mm] 1530 1530 1030  
Sheet thickness* max [mm] 2,5 2,4 4,5  
Diameter upper roll [mm] 85 100 120  
* The sheet thickness refers to a material with a tensile strenght of  400 N/mm²         
and an elastic limit of 250 N/mm²!        

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Four rolls Standard
Round Bending Machines

Four rolls Standard

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