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RFZ Мanual / Motor driven

Whether inside, outside or center fold - this machine is the ideal solution for quick closing of various tube seams.
The machine has a rugget and sturdy steel construction. All drive elements in the pressing button have roller bearings and easily adjustable via a hand wheel. The infeed of the upper pressing roll is manually via a spindle. Flat guides are backlash and designed re- adjustable.
By default, a round guide pin belongs to the machine. On request, a square mandrel can be made.
The pressing rolls are made of hardened steel. The standard model includes a set of pressing rolls, which you can decide between inside-, middle- or outside fold.
The guide pin and the folding rolls can be quickly and easily replaced.
The drive of the machine is done manually through a crank or a single-stage electric motor.
The smaller machines (RFZH 4 + RFZH 8) can be fixed by a wall bracket, the larger (RFZH 12 - RFZ 15) are mounted on a sub frame.
Special Equipment:
  • Sub frame for RFZH 4 and 8 RFZH
  • Pneumatic infeed for RFZ 12 and 15 RFZ
Example sizes RFZH 4-12 und RFZ 12-15

Model RFZH 4 RFZH 8 RFZH 12 RFZ 12 RFZ 15
Sheet thickness* [mm] 0,4 0,8 1,2 1,2 1,5
Mandrel length [mm] 520 1020 1020 1020 1530
Tube length max [mm] 1040 2040 2040 2040 3060
Mandrel diameter [mm] 35 55 90 90 150

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RFZ Мanual / Motor driven
Tube Seam Closing Machines

RFZ Мanual / Motor driven

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Tube Seam Closing Machine

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