The PriBot is an advanced, self-moving dunging scraper and is mainly suitable for cleaning slatted floors. The dung removal system consists of a robot, a remote control and charging station. The driving way as well as the start times of PriBot are freely programmable. Due to its low design it allows to drive round obstacles and can even easily go under walkway separations, this proved to be very animal friendly. The remote control of Pribot is particularly user-friendly as well as the menu navigation. The PriBot is automatically loaded by a low battery capacity.
Technical data PriBot
Drive 2 electric motor
Current supply 2 x gel-battery 110 Ah
Control voltage 24 V DC
Cleaning-speed (m/min) ca. 3
Driving-speed (m/min) 0 - 20
Capacity (drive load) (h) 18 / 6
Cleaning width (mm) 1200
Weight (kg) ca. 380
Size (LxBxH) (mm) 1110 x 1250 x 530

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Dunging Robot


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Dunging Robot

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